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Class Description

USCCA Maryland Concealed Carry Course Next Available Classes - Click here

Instructor Caled Grabenstein

Conceal Carry Tactics Course, June 1st and 2nd 2024, Call to Sign up

Instructor Rod Ryan

Today, most civilians and many elements of our Military and Law Enforcement personnel are carrying protective firearms in
low profile and reduced signature conditions. Carrying a weapon while in this operational mode requires weapon  platforms and concealment rigs you may not be familiar with. In addition, a paradigm or mindset shift must take place to enable
the fighter to be more effective and survivable when operating  with these clandestine weapons. Queen City Armory Training Center’s 2-Day Concealed Carry  Tactics Course will focus on the defensive and offensive
aspects of close quarters combat with a hidden firearm. The training will emphasize the fundamentals of this type of fighting with particular emphasis on combat-proven battle drills and decision-making under fire. The training is comprised of
10% classroom and 90% hands-on live-fire scenario-driven  exercises.
Specifically, this course will cover:
1. Concealed Carry Gun Fighting
a. Shooting on the move
b. Behind cover
c. Under stress
d. In vehicles (targets outside and inside vehicle)
e. Close distance: 1-5 yards
f. Concealed methodology
g. Low light shooting techniques
This 2-Day Concealed Carry Tactics Course will be comprised of 20 training hours (16
day and 4 night fire) and will explore the methods, means, and mindset that will enable the
shooter to handle mistakes, recover from them, and continue to fight and win. This is an
intense, fast paced course with little or no down time. Training Days are long.
Concealed Carry Permit holders are in critical need of training that combines threat
awareness, attack recognition, counter ambush tactics, and drills that combine decision
making under combat conditions. The emphasis will be on the real world conditions and
problems of these types of fights. The focus is to give the shooter a realistic view of closeproximity fights and allow them to establish a set of priorities prior, during, and after the  fight that will significantly increase their survivability.
Ammunition requirement: 1000 rounds (min).
Concealed Carry Tactics Course
Prerequisite: Basic CCW Course.
Required equipment: Cover garment, Serviceable handgun (38 special/.380 caliber
minimum); five extra magazines or speed-loaders; Concealment holster and mag. pouches
fitted to belt; appropriate eye, ear, knee, and elbow protection; flashlight w/ pushbutton.
Length/Cost: 2 days, $350

Woman's Only Basic Handgunfor Self Defense Course March 26th, 2024 Call to Register

Instructor Rod Ryan

This exclusive woman’s only course covers weapons safety, marksmanship fundamentals,
loading and unloading, drawing from both concealed and duty holsters, malfunction drills,
short range confrontations, detailed information on  handgun, caliber, and bullet selection in a nonstress learning environment. Additionally, there will be an in-depth discussion on female based  concealed carry options for various social settings.
Ammunition requirement: 500 rounds (min).
Prerequisite: None.
Required equipment: Serviceable handgun (38 special/.380 caliber minimum); three
extra magazines or speed-loaders; holster and mag. pouches fitted to belt; appropriate
eyeand ear protection.
Length/Cost: 1 days, $125